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Crystallised Earth

Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant | Sterling Silver

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Watermelon Tourmaline Pendants in Sterling Silver

Pick your own from our gorgeous collection of natural watermelon tourmaline pendants.

Each centres on a rubover set watermelon tourmaline slice of natural shape/cross section, displaying the juicy pinks and greens expected from these Brazilian tourmalines.

Pendant 1 - £26.50 measures approx. 24mm x 12mm

Pendant 2 - £27.00 measures approx. 23mm x 14mm

Pendant 3 - £26.00 measures approx. 24mm x 14mm

Pendant 4 - £23.00 measures approx. 23mm x 10mm

Pendant 5 - £19.50 measures approx. 21mm x 10mm

Pendant 6 - £21.00 measures approx. 23mm x 9mm

Alternative Birthstone for October.

925 Sterling Silver