Our Mission is to bring you beautiful, natural, energised gemstones & crystals, conscientiously chosen to be sure of their ethical roots and harmonising energies.

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Tumbles and Cubes

Tumbles and Cubes

Tumbles or Tumbled Stone are small, rounded pieces of rock or mineral. The rough material... 

  • Hayley O

    Heather is amazing and has tonnes of amazing knowledge about all things crystals! She sources the best crystals from around the world, all being genuine and sometimes some unique pieces too. She is always on hand to help match the perfect crystal to suit your needs and I love watching her live sales too! Thank you for helping me on my crystal journey. (December 2022)

  • Amy G

    Amazing service every time! I have bought from Crystallised Earth for quite a while now and have never had a negative experience. The crystals and other products they sell are always top quality and ethically sourced, and the live sales on Instagram are always a pleasure to join and take part in it has a real community feel. The website is very easy to navigate, but if I’ve not been able to find what I’m looking for Heather has always answered messages very quickly to help me and if she hasn’t had something in stock has managed to source it for me, and with her knowledge has been able to recommend the best stone for me when I’ve not known myself what best fits my needs.
    Would highly recommend them to anyone, and wouldn’t buy my crystals from anyone else. (August 2023)

  • Hannah

    First bought from Heather in one of her Live sales. It was wonderful listening to her talk about each crystals properties and it was so informative. She was really helpful and quick to respond to questions.
    The crystals when they arrived were gorgeous and were packaged beautifully and securely. Some lovely little extras included in the box too. Thank you so much Heather, excellent and knowledgable customer service and I will definitely continue to purchase from you x

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