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Crystallised Earth

Tigers Eye Palm Stone

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Golden Tigers Eye Palmstone

Tigers eye is part of the Quartz family, usually golden in colour, but can also be red or blue. It is identified by it's combination of quartz crystals and Amphibole fibres, which create a linear layered growth structure giving rise to the stunning flash of light across the surface known as cat's eye effect or chatoyency.

Healing Properties:

Tigers Eye has been worn as a talisman to ward of the evil eye for centuries, removing negative energies and bringing the wearer good luck. In Roman times, soldiers would wear it for strength and courage. Today we can use its energy for empowerment, to remove fear and take charge of our lives.

By using the power of the sun, tigers eye gives us confidence, we have increased self esteem and encourages self love and self acceptance. We feel stronger and more able to see our intentions take effect.

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