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Crystallised Earth

Sunstone Heart | India

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Sunstone Polished Heart

Each measuring between 60 and 65mm wide. Showing gorgeous orange colours and sparkling golden flashes.

Ethically sourced directly from India

Known for its beautiful scintillating spangles this crystal is one of natures most beautiful. It has an orange/peach body colour with red/clear mica and hematite inclusions, which cause beautiful iridescence in the crystal. 

Sunstone works with our Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, it brings joy and enthusiasm, perfect for making new plans moving forward with increased vitality. It is also good for instilling leadership qualities, bring courage, confidence and openness, encouraging others and taking charge. 

It is linked to luck and good fortune, also a stone for transformation, it helps to see situations in a clear way and to help remove those which no longer serve our power or who's energies are not allowing us to feel stronger and more vibrant.