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Crystallised Earth

Strawberry Quartz Moon & Star

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Our pocket sprocket super stars, or moons, are small and perfect for any growing crystal collection. They can be used on crystal grids or help in manifesting your greatest intention ❤

Intuitively chosen so you get the piece that was meant to be with you 💫

What is Strawberry Quartz 

A clear quartz crystal which contains minute inclusions of either red mica or Iron Oxide orred rutile, or a mixture of all, causing a red body colour, often the colour of strawberries.

Hardness 7, Vitreous Lustre which is highly polished and shiny, and can have a translucent or opaque appearance. 

Chakra - Crown and Heart

Zodiac - Libra ♎ 

Healing Properties of Strawberry Quartz 

Offering universal love, courage and balance between the mind and body, improving spiritual growth and giving inspiration into how to improve one's self esteem and build positive relationships.

The clear quartz within this crystal will amplify our intentions of love, appreciation and gratitude. By keeping this crystal close we outwardly flow our energies and can show others our devine powers.

This crystal can be soothing and calming for those who work in stressful or fast-paced environments. 

This stone encourages positive bonds to form, whether between family, friends or in relationships. Strawberry Quartz attracts and strengthens that of a loving, caring and genuine nature.