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Crystallised Earth

Spiderweb Jasper Heart 3cm

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Spiderweb Patterned Jasper Heart

Each approximately 3cm wide. Intuitively chosen so you receive the one which wad meant to be with you 🖤

Jasper is an opaque polycrystalline quartz, hardness 7, SG 2.66, this material has a white/grey body colour with black lines running through it which are reminiscent of spiders webs 🕸

Spiderweb Jasper is highly soothing, as a Jasper it is known as the supreme nurturer, it calms the nerves allowing you to slow down and relax during times of stress.

It aligns and balances the aura and emotions. Working with both the Crown Chakra and Root Chakra.

The lines running through this material speak about connections, whether it is to help build relationships or connecting us to the universe and a higher being.