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Crystallised Earth

Silky Malachite Raw Specimen

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Natural Silky Malachite Raw Specimens

Three available, measuring between 5.5cm and 7.5cm.

Silky or Fibrous Malachite is made up of fine needle like structures of radiating green Malachite crystals. Forming in fan shapes they cover the crystal bringing a silky appearance. 

Malachite is a powerful crystal, it amplifies energy, bringing healing to the body and soul. It protefts against toxic pollutants and bring guidance especially when working with the third eye chakra. 

Especially powerful for healing empaths, malachite draws out deep feelings and hidden trauma to break unwanted ties and encourages us to express our emotions, getting to the core of the problem.

Each comes boxed to protect there fibrous structure. Please choose the piece which calls to you from the options available 💚