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Crystallised Earth

Ruby Zoisite Bracelet | 3mm Faceted Bead

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These 3mm Faceted Bead bracelets can be worn alone or stacked to keep their healing energies close by 💗

Ruby is a variety of Corundum, coloured red by Chromium, with a hardness of 9 it can be well polished with a subadamantine lustre.

A root chakra crystal, offering protection and passion. It is a strong crystal for Manifesting our greatest intentions to real life by removing fears, anxiety and instead offering strength to go for our Dreams.

Zoisite is a family of minerals which include Tanzanite. This Green beauty will align our heart and third eye chakra, giving foresight and enhanced psychic abilities.

Bringing a deeper connection to the outside world, we feel closer to our loved ones and can be confident in our relationships.