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Crystallised Earth

Ruby Kyanite Sphere | India

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Ruby in Blue Kyanite Sphere

These stunning combination crystal spheres contain natural Ruby for manifestation and passion, naturally occurring in Blue Kyanite to bring confidence and positivity. Each piece is unique, some containing sparkling green fuchsite as well.

Three available:

LR £56.50 62mm diameter SOLD

RU £48.00 59.5mm diameter 

BR £42.00 56mm diameter

Ruby is a birthstone for July, it works with Zodiacs Gemini and Leo.

Working with the Root/Base Chakra Ruby brings protection and passion. It is a strong crystal for Manifesting our greatest intentions to real life. Removing fears and anxiety, it instead offers strength to go for our Dreams.

Being at the centre of our strongest desires we find ourselves drawn to new challenges, with courage and conviction we can face what is thrown at us!

A life flow crystal, blue Kyanite purifies the energy within us, removing stagnant and toxic energies so we can move forward with confidence and positivity.