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Crystallised Earth

Ruby Kyanite Pendant | Sterling Silver

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Natural Ruby in Kyanite Set Pendant in Sterling Silver 

Three available:

Oval 1 - gemstone measures approx 15mm x 11mm, pendant measures 24mm in length. 

Oval 2 - gemstone measures approx 13mm x 10mm, pendant measures 23mm in length.

Round 1 - gemstone measures approx 13mm diameter, pendant measures 23mm in length. 

925 Sterling Silver 

Ruby brings protection and passion. It is a strong crystal for Manifesting our greatest intentions to real life. Removing fears and anxiety, it instead offers strength to go for our Dreams.

A life flow crystal, Blue Kyanite purifies the energy within us, removing stagnant and toxic energies so we can move forward with confidence and positivity.

An incredible combination we should all have in our collection.