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Crystallised Earth

Ruby Fuchsite Heart | India

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Ruby in Fuchsite Polished Heart

Each are unique, with a light green colour and an abundance of Ruby inclusions. 

Reference R - measures approx. 6.7cm x 6.5cm

Reference S - measures approx. 7.2cm x 7.0cm

Reference M - measures approx. 7.2cm x 7.2cm

Reference F - measures approx. 7.4cm x 6.8cm

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Ruby is a variety of Corundum, coloured red by Chromium, with a hardness of 9, it can be well polished with a subadamantine lustre. 

A root chakra crystal, offering protection and passion. It is a strong crystal for Manifesting our greatest intentions to real life by removing fears, anxiety and instead offering strength to go for our Dreams.

Fuchsite is a green variety of Mica, it works with the heart chakra to give strong emotional support and self reflection during difficult times. It also helps us to build stronger, more meaningful relationships. 

Together they bring us closer to the divine, offering powerful connections and removing blockages of excess energies which relieve tension and anxiety.