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Crystallised Earth

Rhodochrosite Tumble | Peru

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Peruvian Rhodochrosite Tumbles

Each tumble is unique in it's banding, colour and shape! Please choose which one calls to you from the dropdown menu 💕

What is Rhodochrosite? Physical Properties-

Rhodochrosite is a Manganese Carbonate, Hardness 4, Hexagonal Crystal system, formed in veins in metamorphic and sedimentary rock. Named from the Greek for Rose Colour, in it's purest form it is a Rose pink, but with natural impurities it is found in all shades of pink with greys and browns.

Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite -

Rhodochrosite is a stone of unconditional love, which works with the heart chakra, reducing depression and encouraging a positive and joyous outlook. 

It encourages us to see our self worth, promoting self love and expression. It allows us to see our strengths and with this makes us passionate about achieving our goals!

Our perception is open to it's widest point, bringing clarity and success to our lives. Also, allowing empathy and compassion, to see other points of view and lifting negative energies from our spaces, at work or home.

Rhodochrosite heals emotional and physcial trauma, allowing the body to release pent up feelings and sadness. Keep with you during times of stress and anxiety to reduce blood pressure