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Crystallised Earth

Red Jasper Tumbles | Large

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Red Jasper Large Tumblestones

Intuitively chosen from our natural collection

Jasper is part of the Quartz family, they are the opaque polycrystalline varieties. Red Jasper as the name suggests is given to the deep orangish red or solid red colours.

This crystal resonates with both the Root and Sacral Chakra. Providing protection and security. This is the crystal for manifestation, it makes things happen, we can make plans and follow through with them as well as feel grounded so we focus on what we need and not look beyond our reaches.

It also wakes up our bodies, bringing motivation and stimulating our minds. It brings creativity and prospective which may unblock ideas and further mind set backs. Our stamina is increased which helps both mental and physical endurance, as well as boosting our desires and sexual energies.