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Crystallised Earth

Rainbow Obsidian Palm Stone | Mexico

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Natural Rainbow Obsidian Palmstone 

From Mexico. These incredible palmstones are strong protectors and resonators of light.

Six available - measuring between 5cm and 8cm in length. Please choose the piece which calls to you from the menu 💙 (photos of both sides of each palm)

Obsidian is the name given to natural volcanic glasses, which are formed by rapid cooling of lava flows forming a glass, this special variety contains nano particles of different minerals and gas bubbles picked up by the lava as it moves across the Earths surface, creating a colourful display of iridescent colours, often in a concentric circular pattern within it's surface. (Best seen under reflected light).

Obsidian is a strong protector, removing fears, worries and stresses. It can help to cleanse our aura removing pollutants and blockages. We are grounded to the Earth and stronger because of it.

The Rainbow Obsidian variety instills hope, reaching deep within and making the light shine brighter. Lift you mood with this incredible crystals.