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Crystallised Earth

Rainbow Fluorite Nine Tail Fox Carving

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Rainbow Fluorite Fox Carving

The Nine Tailed Fox, known as Kuminho or  Kitsune, are mischievous foxes who can often play tricks, they offer wisdom and strength. Keep close for good Fortune.

Being Carved in Stunning Banded Rainbow Fluorite, we open our Crown and Third Eye Chakra to gain greater knowledge and connections to higher consciousness. 

Please choose the one which calls to you from the drop down list 🌈

What is Fluorite?

Physical Properties of Fluorite 

Fluorite is a member of the Halide minerals family, a calcium fluoride. 4 on the Mohs Hardness Scale. Forms in the cubic/isometric, meaning you can find fluorite in cube shaped crystals or in octahedrons and dodecohedrons.

Did you know the term Fluorescence was named after the mineral Fluorite? It was the first mineral found to react under UV (ultraviolet) light 😍

Fluorite can be found in China, South Africa, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Mongolia and the UK to mention just a few. The colours most commonly associated with fluorite are purple, green and blue. Pink, black and colourless are the rarest fluorite colours.

Why would I need Fluorite?

Healing Properties of Fluorite:

Fluorite is a stone of the mind, one which is highly sought as a gemstone to support studying, academics and focus. It helps us to achieve our goals and increases memory storage and brain activity. 

All fluorite will help to bring harmony and calmness, cleansing our aura of negativity and help to achieve our intentions. Each colour of fluorite then gives it own special benefits, we outline those for you below:

Green Fluorite - Working with the heart chakra it can help to heal heartache and trauma. A stone of growth and renewal helping us to connect with the natural order of the universe. 

Purple Fluorite - Absorbs and neutralises negative energies, its calming influence brings order to the chaos working with the Crown chakra for clarity and connecting us to the spirit world.

Blue Fluorite - increased spiritual awareness opening up out third eye chakra, amplifying insight and intuition. It helps with anxiety, eliminates fears associated with social environments and relationships and offers us confidence.