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Crystallised Earth

Prehnite Bracelet | 6mm Bead

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Our selection of 6mm beaded bracelets are both beautiful and versatile. You can wear alone or stack them to keep your energies flowing towards your intentions.

Prehnite was first discovered in the 1700's, it has been long known to hold powers of divination and good. Often yellow-green in colour, with black/dark green epidote inclusions, it can form in botroyidal formations or masses and prismatic crystals.

Heart and Root chakra, building self love and appreciation, but not letting us get carried away. It is known as the stone of absolute love. It ties our will to our heart, bringing out goodness and our strength to challenge to the darkest of days. 

A super combination when working with the epidote it enhances protection and removal of negativities, allowing empathy and forgiveness. Bringing us to a higher spiritual growth in tune with the energies of our Angels for divine communication, which is why it is also known as the stone of prophecy.

It removes fears, phobias and stops nightmares allowing us to sleep soundly and more deeply.