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Crystallised Earth

Pink Opal Tumble | Peru

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Pink Opal Tumblestones from Peru.

Available in three sizes:

Small - up to 15g

Medium- up to 20g

Large - up to 30g

Intuitively chosen from the size selected 💕

Pink Opal is a common Opal, so named as it doesn't have the play of colour seen in precious Opal, however like our blue opal they are truly special and unique with loving and tranquil energies.

Healing Properties of Pink Opal:

Working with our heart chakra Pink Opal offers emotional healing, giving strength and resolve when working through trauma and provide support allowing healing and repair.

The nurturing energies within bring a kindness and softer loving energy. We can feel more ourselves and have a happier life. It removes fear and anxiousness, feeling more at peace and balanced.