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Crystallised Earth

Pink Amethyst Raw Slab | Brazil

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Pink Amethyst Polished Raw Specimen

"THE CAMEL" as it is affectionately known due to the natural, unique shape!

Pink Amethyst works with our heart chakra, being a softer, more feminine energy. It looks at the healing of the heart, guiding us through any uncertainty with relationships and helping us to follow our intuition. 

Pink Amethyst can bring calmness in stressful situations, allowing us to see what is needed and not be clouded by the small details which increase anxiety and stress. It can offer you comfort during any form of sadness or grief, as you’ll have a heightened sense of truth no matter what adversity you are facing.

The combination of quartzes in this piece mean we get increased intuition, mental clarity and support when problem solving revolving around the Crown Chakra. We also find the energies of the Pink Amethyst are amplified by the clear quartz druzy found in this raw specimen.

Pink amethyst may be able to treat physical ailments associated with intense stress, such as gut disorder, high blood pressure, and an over-sensitive nervous system.