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Crystallised Earth

Pink Amethyst Raw Part Geode | Brazil

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Stunning Pink Amethyst Raw Specimen

This piece is unique in it's shape and size, a part Geode that's full of spectacular druzy pink amethyst! Shaped like a boat this piece will make a big impact on your journey of crystal healing.

She measures 126mm x 75mm (LxW) 🌸

Pink Amethyst gives us uplifting energies like bouncing through fluffy pink clouds whilst offering chance for self reflection and building inner strength. 

Pink Amethyst is a more recent find in the crystal world we are not fully aware of it's affect on our energies, I will update this description as more experiences are shared and its benefits are found. For now we believe the following benefits are from Pink Amethyst:

Pink Amethyst works with our heart chakra, being a softer, more feminine energy. It looks at the healing of the heart, offering the chance to grieve before building inner strength and support so we can give the heart permission to move past the trauma.

Pink Amethyst can bring calmness in stressful situations, allowing us to see what is needed and not be clouded by the small details which increase anxiety and stress. You’ll have a heightened sense of truth no matter what adversity you are facing