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Crystallised Earth

Pietersite Pendant | Sterling Silver

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Pietersite Pendants in Sterling Silver

Four available:

1 - Long Oval - Gemstone measures approx 20mm x 9mm, pendant measures 32mm in length. SOLD

2 - Pear 1 - Gemstone measures approx 21mm x 11mm, pendant measures 33mm in length. 

3 - Pear 2 - Gemstone measures approx 21mm x 11mm, pendant measures 32mm in length. 

4 - Short Oval - Gemstone measures approx 16mm x 12mm, pendant measures 27mm in length.  SOLD

Pietersite crystal, also known as Eagles Eye, is a variety of yellow and blue tigers eye having amphibole and iron inclusions. It displays incredible chatoyancy, reminding us of crushed velvet and gold.

It is a crystal of awareness and vision. Showing us our strength and guiding us through the chaos to a great spiritual life. Wear it as you meditate or in times of reflection to bring calmness and clarity. 

925 Sterling Silver