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Crystallised Earth

Phantom Amethyst Towers | Brazil

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These Amethyst Towers containing Smoky Quartz are striking and soothing, the possess positive energy with protective grounding, a must have combination for manifestationand removing stress. Each with phenomenal phantoms with some displaying unique Fingerprint inclusions.


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What is Phantom Amethyst?

These towers are a mix of earthing smoky quartz and powerful purple Amethyst. Both of these crystals are part of the Quartz family. They are monocrystalline and form in prismatic crystals, allowing us to source beautiful raw points and highly polished carvings.

They are natural untreated material coming from our source in Brazil, which we know have been ethically mined and sold.

Phantoms are the Chevron Patterns that are found in Quartz, they are growth lines signal the structure of the material. They symbolise both growth and evaluation and work with us when evoking changes in our lives.

What can Phantom Amethyst do for me?

This mix of two powerful healers brings about both balancing and grounding energies as well as a boost that will result in a clear and re-energised aura.

Amethyst is a strong healing stone as well as amplifying your intentions, it protects us from negative energies. Removing and transmuting any negativity into positivity, cleansing our aura and sparking a new lease of energy.

It works with our Third Eye and Crown Chakra, opening up intuition and deeper manifestation, giving clarity allowing us to reach higher astral planes and speaking to our spirit guides.

Whilst Smoky Quartz ground us. It teaches us to trust, removing internal conflict and giving clear insight to our desires and eliminating that fear of failure. Wear this crystal to bring calmness and security. 

Having Smoky Quartz in these towers allows us to return to the physical plane safely and slowly keeping a level head and guiding us down so our spiritual and emotional planes are balanced.