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Crystallised Earth

Rhodonite Obelisk | Peru

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Natural Peruvian Pink Rhodonite Towers.

These gorgeous towers remind us of fluffy pink marshmallows. They are super sweet with light to dark pink tones, some containing black Manganese inclusions adding some mystery to their beauty.

💕What is Rhodonite? 💕Physical Properties 

Rhodonite named after the Greek Rhodos meaning Rosy. The colours can vary from a dark Dusky pink to a Light, more bubblegum pink, with some Quartz and Manganese inclusions. 

It is a Manganese Silicate with a Hardness of 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. Most often opaque with shiny black sections of metallic element Manganese.

It can be found in many locations around the world, the most noted are Russia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Peru and Sweden.

💕 Why should I use Rhodonite? 💕 Healing Properties of Rhodonite:

Known as the Grandmother stone, Rhodonite works with healing the heart, be it following the breakdown of a relationship or in times of grief. Rhodonite is there to repair and replenish you.

It is a compassionate crystal, encouraging forgiveness and nurturing love. It takes our emotional trauma and upheaval and has us work through our feelings, bringing a happier and clearer aura. Giving clarity and calm in the most difficult of situations.

Rhodonite also builds confidence, if used with the lighter blue crystals like Celestite or Blue lace agate it can help us speak our truth.