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Crystallised Earth

Orbicular Jasper Obelisk | Dark Orb Mix

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Orbicular Jasper Obelisk Dark Orb Pattern

Orbicular Jasper, also known as OJ, contains unique orbicular patterns which can form as bulls-eyes, spotted/speckled patterns and botroydial formations. These stunning obelisks have multiple dark druzy pockets of quartz to sparkle from the darkness.

These towers are in colours are dark blackish green, pinks and whites. Please choose your favourite from the drop down menu 🖤

SO - measuring 73mm tall, base 29x26mm.

GB - measuring 86mm tall, base 30x27mm.

RB - measuring 107mm tall, base 30x27mm.

CH - measuring 111mm tall, base 30x29mm.

Ethically sourced from Indonesia, in the islands of Sulawesi. It is also known as Indonesian River Jasper or Sea Jasper