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Crystallised Earth

Orbicular Jasper Heart

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One Orbicular Jasper Puffy Heart Carving 

Each heart in colours of yellow, brown, green and white with unique orbicular patterns and some even have blue chalcedony veins through them.

Ethically sourced from Indonesia. They measure between 40 and 42mm wide.

The colours found in these stunning examples signifies vital energy, empowerment, and spiritual protection.

Ocean Jasper works to relieve anxiety and depression. Working with the heart and solar plexus chakra. A stone to help with accepting change and removing toxins from the body

It offers optimism, self expression and the power to follow our intuition. We feel wholeness and are able to work through life's transitions.

As a Jasper it offers strength and vitality. Bringing stability to anyone who may feel chaotic or out of control. OJ adds an element of harmony to it's surroundings, making us feel calmer and more confident to face the day.