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Crystallised Earth

Green Jade Bracelet | 4mm Bead

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One Russian Jade 4mm Rounded Bead Bracelet. These bracelets are stackable and when worn will share their energies to offer healing and repair of the heart 💚

There are two members of the Jade family, Nephrite and Jadeite, both Silicate minerals and can be found in a gorgeous range of green colours. Our Bracelets are of mixed Jade, a combination of Jadeite and Actinolite which gives it the different shades of colour. It is also known as Flowery Jade.

Jade is a crystal of wealth and abundance, it is tuned into ancient luck and can remove blockages relating to negativity and bad luck. Allowing us to share our happiness and good fortune with those around us.

Working to promote peace and harmony, the body is cleansed of toxic energy and re-energised, especially with its connections to mother Earth 🌍