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Crystallised Earth

Moonstone Mini Pearl Sphere | India

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Incredible Natural Blue/White Flash Moonstone Mini Sphere. These Pearls with the power of the moon can bring guidance and nourishing thoughts of positive change.

Measurements: Between 13mm and 15mm diameter. Free Mini Cheerio Wooden Sphere Holder 💝 Intuitively picked so you get the one you were meant to have.

Physical Properties of Moonstone:

Part of the Feldspar family. Hardness 6 - 6.5 Vitreous lustre. Transparent to Translucent.

The only gemstone to display adularescence - the Schiller or flash displayed near the surface of the gemstone. It is caused by the irregular layers (lamellar) within the structure, where light enters the stone and causes diffraction, which in this case is displayed as a sheen across the surface that is usually bluish or white in colour, like the moonlight reflecting off a cloud.

Not to be confused with Rainbow Moonstone which is a variety of Labradorite and display labradorescence instead.

Healing Properties of Moonstone:

Moonstone is believed to harvest the energy of the moon, it can nourish, bring passion, and awaken female energies.

It offers support and guidance when making big decisions and guides us to our purpose.

It’s internal glow makes it a protection stone. Keep it with you for strength.

It can relieve PMS and balance hormones and emotions.

Working with the sacral, third eye and crown chakra, moonstone is a clarity stone, improving intuition and connecting us to Divine Inspiration.