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Crystallised Earth

Crystal Tumble Stones

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Many people like to use tumbled stones for spiritual healing techniques, for practicing mindfulness, and for meditation. They are well placed on grids to allow energies to be focused on the different intentions you have.

They are also frequently carried inside pockets or purses as tokens of good luck or as shields against negative energies.


Mixed Tumble Set £5 - A random selection of tumbles, with a minimum of 6 per bag, intuitively chosen, so you will get the tumbles youneed most. The RRP of the tumbles will exceed £5. Some tumbles may not be shown below as I have different levels of stock at any one time 💕

Unakite £1.00 each

Unakite creates an emotional balance. It opens the heart making us more compassionate and kind. Reminding us to appreciate what we have and the earth we live on. 

A powerful healer of the heart during trauma and loss, it is also known to aid pregnant women through the early trimesters reducing nausea and sickness.

Aventurine 2 pieces for £1.00

Aventurine to maintain energy and optimism during challenging times. Good for strengthening relationships. 

Working with the Heart Chakra, it helps in times of worry or stress to clear any trauma or fear and open up the chakra to greater possibilities. 

Rose Quartz £1.50 each

Rose Quartz is a stone of unconditional love, it opens and purifies the heart on all levels, to promote friendship, relationships, self love, and deep inner healing. 

It is excellent for use in trauma or crisis, including the emotional upheaval. It strengthens empathy, sensitivity, and aids in the acceptance of necessary change.

Clear Quartz £1.50 each

Clear Quartz is a master healer, it amplifies all energies and aids in concentration and memory work. It also balances and cleanses all chakras.

Golden Healer 2 pieces for £1.00

A combination of clear quartz with iron inclusions gives this material is unusual yellow/orange colour. 

It is seen as a master healer,  amplifying the healing abilities of the hematite which works with the blood and circulation improving blockages and bringing a natural rhythm to the heart ❤

Tigers Eye £2.00 each

Tigers Eye is a stone of protection. Carry with you for courage and good luck. It also allows us to see our path when making difficult decisions, it will work with our root chakra to bring calm in the chaos so we can find the right solution. 

Mookaite £1.00 each

Mookaite is a stone for creativity and connection, promotes positivity, helps us to accept change and encourages us to be more flexible. 

Apatite 2 pieces for £1.00

Apatite works with our Throat chakra invoking confidence and focus. As the name suggests this crystal aids in our will power, reducing impulses and encourages us to stick to new diets and routines .

Each is intuitively chosen for you, you will receive the piece that was meant to be with you 💕