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Crystallised Earth

Larvikite Tumble | Norway

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 One Flashy Larvikite Tumble

Each having silvery black flash, for protection and clarity of thought

Each piece weighs approx. 20-28g

Larvikite is an igneous rock, called Monzonite, with inclusions of Feldspar that give us the bright silvery/blue flashes like stars in a dark nights sky.

Hailing from Norway, in the Larvik region (hence the name) it holds the protective powers if the Nordik gods. It grounds us, building strength from the Earth, attuning our spirit with nature. Acting as an anchor to return the spirit to the from the astral planes following astral projection, our souls are guided by this crystals energies.

Flashing like stars in the sky, larvikite allows us to adapt to change, we are able to see clarity in the chaos of life and make more rational decisions.