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Crystallised Earth

Lapis Lazuli Tumble | Medium & Large

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Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stone

Deep blue Colour, 20g to 40g each. These Tumbles are great mediation and crystal grid size. Large enough to really get to grips with their energies!

Two sizes available, the tumble will be intuitively picked for you from our collection 💙

Lapis Lazuli is derived from the Arabic 'Lazaward', or Azure, which describes the rich blue colour of the material.

An alternative birthstone for December and September.

Ancient uses for adornment and talismans. It was ground down and used for eye shadow by the Egyptians and as a very expensive paint called ultra-marine during the renaissance period.

They believed it would promote friendship and goodwill and guard against oppression and evil. Also, to guide souls into the afterlife.

Linked to the third eye and throat Chakra, Lapis is said to be the strongest stone for opening the third eye, linking us to the extrasensory world, connecting to our psychic abilities and increased perception. 

For the throat, it is said to be a stone of truth and integrity. Speaking truthfully and giving self expression. It allows us take the lead in our own life and feel confident as we make decisions.

The Magic of Gemstones suggest Lapis Lazuli has been used to treat a range of ailments including depression, dizziness, hair loss, insomnia or sleep issues. It eases pain, especially headaches and migraines.