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Crystallised Earth

Labradorite Elephant Carving

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Labradorite Elephant 

These incredible Indian Elephant carvings are hand crafted with unique flash and beauty. Please choose your favourite from the drop down menu 🐘

Natural Madagascan Labradorite. Please note lines/markings can occur when working with natural materials and do not take away from their healing energies.

Labradorite is well known for its changing colors, it is no surprise this gemstone is known as a stone of transformation. A helping hand through change,  imparting strength and helping us to persevere when times get tough. 

It is said to stimulate the throat chakra, speaking our truth and reminding us of the power of voices. It also works with the crown and third eye chakra to increase our awareness, promote psychic abilities and connect to the divine. Bringing Labradorite into your life reminds you that every single day holds new magic to be discovered, you just have to look for it!!

Labradorite is one of the most powerful protectors out there. It shields the aura from psychic attack, blocking negative thoughts and stopping your energy from been zapped. Instead labradorite boosts your energy making you feel ready to tackle any of life's challenges.