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Crystallised Earth

Kakortokite Pendant | Sterling Silver

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Natural Kakortokite Set Pendants in Sterling Silver 

Four available:

Round - Gemstone measures 12mm diameter, pendant measures 21mm in length. 

Square Cushion - Gemstone measures approx 12x12mm, pendant measures 22mm in length. 

Rectangular Cushion - Gemstone measures approx 13mm x 9mm , pendant measures 22mm in length. 

Small Cushion - Gemstone measures approx 8x8mm, pendant measures 17mm in length.

Rare and Beautiful Kakortokite is a magical combination of Eudialite, Feldspar and Arfvedsonite. Hailing from northern Greenland, it is named after the area Qaqortoq where it is found.

Working with the Crown and Heart Chakra with will find inner peace and balance wearing this crystal. It reminds us of kindness and love of one's self and awareness to bring a positive outlook.