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Crystallised Earth

Hematite Bracelet | 4mm Round Bead

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One 4mm Rounded Bead Hematite Bracelet.

These bracelets are stackable and when worn will share their energies to give us strength and protection 🖤

Hematite is an Iron based mineral, well known for its silvery metallic lustre and shine. It forms in Botroyidal Masses, with globular form and massive habit. When powdered it has a reddish tone from the iron and gives rise to it's name Hema for blood like. 

It works with our Root/Base Chakra, removing stagnant or excess energies through the lower chakra and out of the body. Grounding us, we can remove unnecessary stresses, we don't feel overwhelmed and enjoy the everyday pleasures of life.

Offering protection from negativity and strengthening our will power. It makes us feel like a warrior, helping us through times of struggle and gives us determination to defeat our demons and fight through to reach our goals.