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Crystallised Earth

Grape Agate Raw Statement Specimen | Indonesia

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Statement Raw Grape Agate Mineral

One of Natures most Unique Minerals, Grape Agate is filled with positivity, pain relief and builds an understanding of our Dreams.

This statement Bi-Colour Grape Agate is a specimen piece, hailing from the small island of Sulawesi, off the coast of Indonesia, it has been ethically sourced direct from the region and brought to you here at Crystallised Earth.

Measuring 137mm x 82mm approximately.

This material is known commercially as Grape Agate, however technically it is called Purple Botroyidal Chalcedony, being created by very distinctive ball shaped structures which look like grapes 🍇 It lacks the banding of an Agate and it is more translucent to opaque. Some have even said it is a variety of Amethyst. The colours available are most often Purple, however like our example you can also get Green Grape, or Bi-colour Grape.

Zodiac Sagittarius ♐ and Cancer ♋ 

Healing Properties of Grape Agate

Working with our Third Eye chakra, Grape Agate brings higher spiritual awakening, lifting us up to higher realms of consciousness. Not surprisingly we find ourselves in a deeper dream world with more vivid and lucid dreams. Keep under your pillow to help with dream interpretation and recall.

We can keep Grape Agate close to help guide us, especially when finding our purpose. It's nurturing and mature energies will offer insight into our truest desires as we work out our path to happiness.

We are able to see with greater clarity, opening our Crown chakra, this allows for clearer thoughts and less prone to confusion and headaches. It can offer pain relief for the higher areas of the body. It also removes negativity and offers kindness from within, an important Crystal for self-love and security.