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Crystallised Earth

Flower Agate Bowl / Sphere Stand

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Natural Flower Agate Bowl

From Madagascar, they are carved into small bowls perfect for small trinkets or used as a sphere stand!

Two available  -

D - measures 54mm diameter & 30mm height.

S - measures 55mm diameter & 19mm height.

Physical Properties of Flower Agate show it is a more unusual member of the agate family, it is usually translucent and doesn't always contain banding.

The "flowers" found in it are actually white agate and form as seeds or plumes in shape, which often grows in pink/orange toned chalcedony and give this gorgeous material its name.

Healing Properties of Flower agate 

It helps us to grow emotionally, bridging the gap being our emotional state and reality by activating the root and heart chakra. It allows us to focus on what is important in the situation and not allow our emotions cloud our judgement. 

It exposes negative energies residing deep inside our consciousness, it allows us to work through the pain or upset and release those pent up energies and feel lighter and happier.

It has a shielding energy for travellers and can help Women on their journey through pregnancy into motherhood.