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Crystallised Earth

Elite Shungite Pendant | Sterling Silver

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Natural Russian Elite Shungite Pendant in Sterling Silver 

3 available:

Oval - shungite measures approx 15mm x 12mm, pendant measures 28mm in length. 

Pear - shungite measures approx 16mm x 11mm, pendant measures 27mm in length. 

Cushion - shungite measures approx 18mm x 10mm, pendant measures 30mm in length. 

Shungite is known to block EMF (electromagnetic pollution), this removes that fuzziness we feel after long exposure to radiation from phones, computers or other electronic devices. Long exposure often leads to headaches, insomnia and zaps our energies. By wearing shungite we balance the fields of energy which surround us. We sleep better and our bodies are able to regenerate.