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Crystallised Earth

Druzy Agate Moon Carving

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Druzy Agate Polished Crescent Moon

"The moon is but a reflection of your heart, and the moonlight a twinkle of your love". Celestial bodies are strong conductors of energy, we feel deeper connections to life and spirits and are guided towards our goals. Agate will ground and balance our deepest feelings.

What is Agate?

Physical Properties for Agate

Agates are a polycrystalline variety of quartz, usually translucent and opaque, Hardness approx.  7 on the Mohs scale. This variety of Agate often showing distinct banded and colour zoning resulting from different colouring elements within the crystal structure.

The druzy structures are monocrystalline quartzes, they have a vitreous lustre, which reflect the light brightly, giving a scintillating sparkle!!

What can druzy agate do for me?

Healing Properties of Agate

These hearts have areas of banding and clear quartz druzy, which is believed to bring peace, tranquility and a greater acceptance of love and patience.

Agates are grounding stones, bringing about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Balancing Ying and Yang, the positive and negative forces which hold the universe in place. 

It can calm and give great strength, allowing the user to have self-confidence and security in the decisions that we make.

Clear Quartz in these beautiful pieces will amplify the crystals energy, adding to the strength of our intentions and aligning our chakra to allow energy to run all the way through our bodies.

It is used in spells and magic concerned with strength, bravery and longevity.