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Crystallised Earth

Crystal Dinosaur Carving

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From a land before time, these incredibly cute dinosaur carvings are a must for any collector and make a super gift for our younger enthusiasts!

We have 5 available in different magical crystals, each with their own unique properties, please see below a short description of how they could help you:

Unakite creates an emotional balance. It opens the heart making us more compassionate and kind. Reminding us to appreciate what we have and to spend time enjoying what we have worked for.

Lepidolite is know as the 'grandmother' stone for its calming and nourishing energy. Lepidolite is often recommended as a stone for those who are under stress, who suffer from chronical anxiety, or who are just with a typically nervous nature, this is because of its naturally occurring lithium.

Ocean Jasper provides vital energy, empowerment, and spiritual protection.  It works with the heart and root chakra to relieve anxiety and depression and bring balance at an emotional level. 

Crazy Lace Agate has also been called the laughter stone, with ties to joy and happiness, it protects against negativity and evil. It increases our energy and concentration, being a good choice for students and academics.