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Crystallised Earth

Crystal Cubes

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Mixed Crystal Cubes

Cubes, like tumbled stones, are simple cut and polished crystals, in an 6 sided shape, often with rounded edges.

They can be used during meditation on crystal grids or held whilst we set our intentions. Easy to carry you can keep them in your pocket or bag to harness their healing strength.

We have the following options available, each will be intuitively chosen for you 💗

Amazonite - We feel more balanced by its ability to show us different points of view, we stop worrying about that which we cannot control and start enjoying what we have.

It works with our heart and throat chakra, bringing meaningful conversations and open communication. We find clarity in our Heart, understanding what we need and what makes up happy and accepting no less than what we truly deserve.

Lapis Lazuli - Linked to the third eye and throat Chakra, Lapis is said to be the strongest stone for opening the third eye, linking us to the extrasensory world, connecting to our psychic abilities and increased perception. 

For the throat, it is said to be a stone of truth and integrity. Speaking truthfully and giving self expression. It allows us take the lead in our own life and feel confident as we make decisions.

Unakite - creates an emotional balance. It opens the heart making us more compassionate and kind. Reminding us to appreciate what we have and to spend time enjoying what we have worked for.

A stone for expectant mothers, unakite can help eliminate nausea and morning sickness and promote kindness and calm whilst we go through our journey to becoming a mum.

Carnelian- Encouraging Self Care and Love. If you feel you are worn down and stressed, bring Carnelian in to remind you how incredible you are! It brings empowerment, showing your true value and giving the strength to power through even the most difficult of times.

A centre for Creativity, focus and motivation. Perfect for creative spaces like studios, offices and studies. Keep carnelian close if you have any blockages to stimulate creative flow and positivity.

Rose Quartz- Offering universal love, courage and balance between the mind and body, improving spiritual growth and giving inspiration into how to improve one's self esteem and build positive relationships. Known as the stone of unconditional love.