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Crystallised Earth

Chocolate Jasper Obelisk

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Chocolate Jasper Polished Obelisk

Each with grounding and comforting energies. 

Five Available:

CJ approximately 13.5cm tall

CH approximately 13.3cm tall

CC approximately 12.5cm tall

CT approximately 10.6cm tall

These warming Chocolate Jasper obelisks are made up of a combination of chocolatey brown and milky white jasper's. Jasper's are opaque polycrystalline quartz, Hardness 7, SG approx 2.6.

Chocolate Jasper is a comforting stone, it helps with issues involving the aura and blocked chakras, especially the root and heart chakra. It brings vitality, a release of energy that encourages focus and determination. A stone to keep in a work or studying environment.

It nurtures and supports us during times of stress, making us feel whole and balanced, restoring integrity, stability and our connection to the earth.

A stone to keep with those with the highest vibrations such as Moldavite or Tremolite, it brings us back down to earth and grounds us, allowing us to see what is most important.