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Crystallised Earth

Carnelian Bracelet | 4mm Round Bead

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Carnelian 4mm Round Bracelet

These bracelets are stackable and when worn will share their beautiful energies with us wherever we go 💙

Each with rounded, smooth deep orange Carnelian beads.

Carnelian is related to our sacral and root chakras, which look at both grounding and energy centres. As with other orange crystals they look at joy, bring worth and unity.

Encouraging Self Care and Love. If you feel you are worn down and stressed, bring Cernelian in to remind you how incredible you are! It brings empowerment, showing your true value and giving the strength to power through even the most difficult of times.

A centre for Creativity, focus and motivation. Perfect for creative spaces like studios, offices and studies. Keep carnelian close if you have any blockages to stimulate creative flow and positivity.

It is known to help with fertility, supporting vitality and passion. Bringing that much needed vigor and stamina to our lives and even the bedroom.

Still not sure if you need Carnelian? Well it helps with decision making too so perhaps this is the perfect crystal for you 😁