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Crystallised Earth

Blue Apatite Raw Chunk | Madagascar

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Natural Raw Blue Apatite Chunks

Ethically sourced from Madagascar. 

Approx. weight 35-40g, intuitively chosen 💙

Apatite is a group of phosphate minerals, usually green in colour, it can be found in blues, pinks, yellows and very rarely lilac. 

The name is derived from the Greek Apatein, meaning “to deceive,” because mineralogists had confused apatite with other species, especially Spinel and Sapphire.

Having strong ties to the throat chakra, building confidence and the ability to speak our truth. Brilliant for students to help with expanding knowledge and focus.

From the Third Eye Chakra, it has strong ties to manifestation, it will show us how to make our dreams/plans a reality and to get the results we need. It links to the higher planes of spirituality and astral projection.

Strong links to will power and reaching our weight loss and diet goals. It helps with cellulite removal when working on our positive body image.