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Crystallised Earth

Bloodstone Sphere | Small

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These small spheres of Bloodstone offer strength and protection. Small but Mighty, to the warrior within, we are called to action!

❤️Intuitively chosen so you get the piece that was meant to be with you 💚

Bloodstone has the mineral name Heliotrope and is a variety of Jasper. It traditionally has a green body colour with red 'blood' patches, which are actually hematite/Iron Oxide in chalcedony. The green colour is believed to be due to micro inclusions of chlorite, amphibole and pyroxene.

An alternative birthstone for March.

Zodiac Libra, Aries & Pisces

Chakra - Heart, Root & Sacral

It is an ancient stone, believed to have been used for over 2,000 years, worn by warriors for protection and strength. It has purification properties believed to stop haemorrhages and clearing toxins from the blood. And as a talisman for good health and prosperity. 

Bloodstone is very calming, neutralising fears and removing blockages in our emotional and physcial bodies. It offers clarity and time to process information so we are not over whelmed and make the right choices for us, staying true to one's own right path.

Providing strength, we carry bloodstone with us when we feel fear, it can help through times of change or to repel negative people or bullies from our lives.