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Crystallised Earth

Black Kyanite Raw | Brazil | Witches Broom

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Black Kyanite Raw Witches Broom
These incredible raw black kyanites are known as the witches broom due to the fascinating structure of radiating fibrous black crystals.
We have 6 available measuring from 5cm to 12cm in length.
What is Kyanite?
Kyanite is an aluminum-silicate based crystal, triclinic crystal system, Hardness 4-7, these crystals are brittle due to the fibrous formation. 
Can be found in colours of blue, green-blue, colourless, brown and black.
These interesting examples are ethically sourced from Brazil 🇧🇷
Why do I need Black Kyanite?
Black Kyanite healing Properties- It is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and intuition. 
Kyanite aligns the chakras, clearing pathways and stabilising the biomagnetic field.
Black Kyanite grounds the body when aligning the chakra and during/after meditation. It can bring us back into the real world carefully and calmly allowing the mind to retune to the lower frequencies.
My friend in Brazil said "The black Kyanite is known as the witch's broom, a magical stone that is given to a friend. It had the ability to bring a lot of luck, good energy and scare away all envy! She sweeps away everything that is no good and cleans environments with her protective energy"
Kyanite does not require cleansing as it does not hold on to negativity.