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Crystallised Earth

Black 'Galaxy' Amethyst Raw Freeform

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Raw Black Amethyst Cut Base Freeform

We have 4 of these stunning druzy Black Amethyst pieces available:

U - 65mm high, 70mm base width SOLD

F - 80mm high, 52mm base width 

D - 66mm high, 42mm base width 

H - 85mm high, 78mm base width SOLD

Please choose the one that calls to you from the drop down menu 🖤

Black Amethyst is caused by increased amounts of hematite in the structure, making our purple Amethyst turn almost black. Each piece has natural variations in tone of colour, some will still display an element of purple, others will look grayish black. The photographs provided are of the exact items for sale. 

Working with the Crown chakra it relieves stress and confusion. It brings harmony and can open your mind, especially when working with you during mediation. 

It also works with the Root chakra, bringing grounding energies, keeping us connected to the Earth when doing any spiritual exploration. The Amethyst clears away environmental pollutants within the space it occupies, so our body and mind are cleared of negativities and bring a positive outlook.