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Crystallised Earth

Arfvedsonite | Firework Stone Tower

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One Arfvedsonite Crystal Tower

Arfvedonsite is a crystal of great strength, opening the mind and building the foundations for stronger Manifestation. 

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What is Arfvedsonite? (Physical Properties)

Also know as The Firework Stone, Arfvedsonite is a sodium Amphibole mineral, it has a black body colour with fibrous prisms of blue, green or whitish flash. Hardness between 5 and 6 on the Mohs' scale.

Within this crystal you can have dark reddish-orange inclusions of Eudialyte, this crystal is not suitable for water cleansing.

They can be found in few localities in the world. Including Canada, Southern Greenland, Russia, Denmark, Norway, South Africa, and Germany.

Healing Properties of Arfvedsonite

Chakra - Third Eye and Root

Zodiac - Gemini and Leo 

The stone of Magical Manifestation! By bringing Arfvedsonite into your plans you can make things happen. It helps to take control of you dreams by giving a clear vision of what you need to do to reach your highest potential. 

The flashes of Brightness for clarity and opening up psychic abilities, heightened intuition and expanding our consciousness. Instead of a thousand thoughts running wild in our mind, the energies encased in this crystal allow us to organise them into manageable goals.

Arfvedsonite can aid in any restructuring, be it in work, life or to reach higher spirituality. We feel grounded, able to see what we want and build an understanding of how to reach those goals.

With the added powers of Eudialyte, it promotes self love by removing negative energies you feel towards yourself and helps to discover your life path. It can also help with serial matters, bringing an increased libido and heightened desires.