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Crystallised Earth

Aquamarine Bracelet | 4mm faceted bead

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These 4mm Faceted Beaded Bracelets are so easy to wear, stacked or worn alone, they offer extra sparkle and zing! The Blue of Aquamarine will bring calm and compromise 💙

Birthstone for March, Zodiac pisces ♓️ and Scorpio ♏️ 

The blue variety of Beryl, coloured by Iron, who's name is derived from the colour of the sea itself. Believed to have been formed by Neptune, Aquamarine was carried by Roman Soldiers and Fishermen to bring safe passage across the rough seas and for good fortune with their catch. 

It's calming and nurturing properties have been used by empaths and those with heightened sensitivity to reduce stress in chaotic situations and clarity of the mind to stop us feeling overwhelmed. It offers faithfulness and trust.

It quickens intellect, faster wits and a clear mind allow for greater focus and concentration. Resonating with the throat chakra it also reduces fear and opens us up to new transitions, bringing compromise and easier adjustments.