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Crystallised Earth

Apophyllite Raw Specimen | India

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Natural White Apophyllite Raw Crystal

Each is unique with different crystal formations such as diamond shapes and cube shapes. Some containing peach Stilbite or red Heulandite.

Three pieces available -

Ref L - measures approx. 170mm x 47mm and weighs 395g.

Ref B - measures approx. 120mm x 73mm and weighs 500g. 

Ref G - measures approx. 121mm x 61mm and weighs 430g.

Apophyllite brings light and healing. A high vibrational energy reaching the spiritual realm, a strong crystal to use when meditating to clear blockages between the crown and third eye chakra. Opening up our intuition. 

It is a stone of truth removing doubt and negativity closely associated with imposter syndrome reminding us of our own power and strength.