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Crystallised Earth

Angelite Heart | Peru

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Natural Angelite Polished Heart from Peru

3 sizes available:

£14.00 1 available measuring 58mm x 50mm (98g)

£10.00 2 available 55mm x 48mm x 17mm deep & 53mm x 45mm x 21mm deep. (70-75g)

£7.00 3 available between 50mm and 44mm wide (46-50g).

Angelite improves spirituality and spiritual awareness, the high vibrations allowing you to contact spirit guides and angels.

It is a calming and soothing crystal, it brings compassion and tranquility by dispelling fear, anger and anxiety.

It connects mostly with the Throat chakra, aiding communication and self expression. It also resonates with the Crown and Third eye chakra.