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Crystallised Earth

Amethyst Cluster Freeform | Brazil

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Amethyst Raw Cluster Freeforms from Brazil

Found naturally in multiple tones and colours these clusters are full of druzy amethyst and natural purple points.

Four available:

D - measures 64mm x 57mm, cave like shape with darker purple druzy amethyst.

S - measures 73mm x 69mm, cluster of lilac amethyst to pink amethyst crystals.

H - measures 75mm x 74mm, wrap around cluster of purple Amethyst points.

W - measures 83mm x 55mm, large amethyst points with natural black inclusions (possibly Hollandite)

Amethyst is a strong healing stone as well as amplifying your intentions, it protects us from negative energies. Removing and transmuting any negativity into positivity, cleansing our aura and sparking a new lease of energy.

It is a natural stress reliever, removing fears and dispelling anger. By having a calmer and balanced mental state we can achieve our goals. Put Amethyst on your forehead to activate the crown chakra for mental clarity and remove headaches/ migraines. 

A stone to help with grief, Amethyst balances the emotional difficulties we face when we feel loss, allowing us to come to terms with what has happened and feel comforted and grateful for our experiences. Keep amethyst by your bed to encourage restful sleep. Some have said it can cause vivid and detailed dreams.