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Crystallised Earth

Amethyst Cluster Egg | India

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Natural Amethyst Geode Egg

Each of these polished eggs has a raw geode centre. Filled with natural amethyst points and druzy quartz. Some contain Fire Quartz or Moss Agate, please see photos for reference. 

Ethically sourced from India.


Reference TT: weighs 485g, measures 100mm x 65mm.

Reference AG: SOLD

Reference AR: weighs 460g, measures 93mm x 62mm.

Reference EA: weighs 230g, measures 78mm x 53mm.

Reference SA: weighs 760g, measures 110mm x 81mm.

Reference YS: SOLD

The pictured egg is the piece you will receive. Choose your favourite from the drop down box 💜

A wooden ring stand will be provided with each egg.